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Who we are.
Blockchain Studios is a venture production studio specialized in Blockchain Technology software development, it is a joint venture between three partners: Active Genes, Diginex and Shadow Factory.

Blockchain Studios brings together engineering and visual innovation - combining technologies in new ways that are being enabled by the nascent blockchain revolution.
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CryptoCar is the first project for Blockchain Studios which brings together unique domain expertise from these three parties:

Active Genes (blockchain strategy and software development), Diginex (industry-leading blockchain design and development) and Shadow Factory (in-depth virtual reality and gaming experience)

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The partners

Active Genes is a Blockchain solutions consultancy combining expertise in strategy, software and product development, based in Hong Kong and Dubai.

Active Genes' strength is in the development of original concepts from the design stage, followed by a straight-through-processing to develop a complete product and bring it to market.

Shadow Factory is a B2B virtual, augmented, and mixed reality production services company with operations in Hong Kong and Toronto. Shadow Factory offers new and exciting ways to engage audiences with quality, story-driven, fully immersive and interactive experiences and digital solutions. These span VR, AR, and MR games, cinematics, and apps, with several ambitious projects delivered and even more in development.

Diginex is a full services provider for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies with offices in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

Diginex covers all aspects of the DLT ecosystem with mining and high performance computing operations in Asia, Switzerland and Sweden;
ICO advisory and smart contract design and provision.
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